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What Is a Master Key Locksmith?

Did you realise that specific keys may unlock many predetermined doors? These keys are known as master keys. They offer a variety of advantages in various property situations.

All Time Locksmiths offers reliable and efficient master key locksmith services. Please continue reading if you wish to understand more about master keys, how they operate, their potential benefits and how a master key locksmith can help.

What Is A Master Key?

This key can unlock several varieties of locks. Master keys are a component of a master key system in which two or more keys may be used to open a single lock. For a master key system to exist, all locks & keys must belong to the same brand and model.

The master key system consists of several keys with varying levels of access. These consist of:

  • Sub-master keys/Change Keys- This key can unlock one and identical locks. Any master key with a rank greater than the change key will be able to unlock a lock opened using a change key.
  • Master Keys- These keys convert standard locks into master-keyed locks, basic keys are required. Without the master key, only one key can fit a particular lock.
  • Grand Master Keys- This type of key is compatible with several master key schemes. It may unlock any master system underneath it and any change keys beneath that master lock system.
  • Great Grand Master Keys- This master key can unlock all subordinate grand master keys, the master keys, and the change key systems.

Benefits Of A Master Key System

The most prevalent argument for using a master key scheme is its convenience. When a property has many locks that must be opened often, having a wide variety of keys to access them might be inconvenient and inefficient. There may be door locks, cabinet locks and padlocks, to unlock, and having a single key that unlocks them all may save a great deal of time and work.

Without a master key structure, keeping track of everyone’s keys is a hassle. A word of caution at this point- if one goes missing, it may cause a hiccup in the property’s seamless operation. If one/more keys go missing, this may potentially represent a significant security risk for a corporation.

Since master keys are special, you need a licensed and experienced master key locksmith for the installation. They will assess all your locks and discuss your requirements with you. The experts will also provide you with all the information you need regarding the types of master keys and which ones will be best suited to your property.

If you are planning on installing this system on your property, look for a local master key locksmith that will handle the job efficiently while providing warranties for their work. Ask for their credentials before hiring them for this task.

For information about our master key locksmith services, please call All Time Locksmiths at 1300 705 307. You can use this Contact Us form if you prefer to write to us.