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What does a locksmith do?

Locksmith is a profession that groups activities that are related to security and metal construction. In a particular way, a locksmith installs, services and maintains locks.

When is it time to call a locksmith?

The locks are inseparable elements in our daily lives. They are essential parts of our houses, offices and cars and to install one you will need to call a locksmith.
Being distracted, you forgot your key inside the apartment. It could happen to anyone, and at that moment, opening the door urgently becomes a puzzle. Your best shot is again, calling a locksmith.
Any problems you are having with locks; you should contact a locksmith to fix them.

How to choose a locksmith?

You want to have a locksmith that is qualified and professional who is also possesses a clean criminal record. Another tip would be considering the locksmith company’s overall reputation, both the internet and word of mouth count. A locksmith service should take responsibilities on their work and provide you with guaranteed results.

Is apprenticeship a requirement to become a locksmith?

Yes, to become a qualified locksmith, one needs to complete 4 years of apprenticeship and acquire a Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade that is Locksmith. Further will be getting a police check and a security license in order to start working as a locksmith.

How can I find out that the locksmith I have hired is qualified and licensed?

The simple answer is to ask for their State Government issued Security Employee Licence. In the ACT it should have the subclasses of 2B, 2C, 2D and 2E listed on it. Locksmiths that are well known and trusted will have their licenses on their websites.

Why hire a locksmith instead of a cheaper option?

There are a multitude of situations in which to call on a professional locksmith is necessary. For example, in the case of a repair or a change of lock, having the assurance that the service provided will be of superior quality is a real relief for many individuals. As soon as a problem with a door arises, whether it is necessary to unlock it or to make it safer, it is better to call in a specialist so as not to damage it further.

I locked myself out, can you help?

We definitely can – our emergency services are up 24/7 all year round.

I need keys cut, do you do that?

Yes, we have a wide range of keys from every design available to be cut.

Is it possible to have all my locks work with one key?

This is possible, pins can be replaced if one key fits in all other locks, if not, we might have to replace some of the locks.

What are my options if I have lost my keys to my house?

You have a few options. We can come to you and rekey your home, or you can bring the locks to us and we can make new keys at our workshop.

Do you have padlocks on sale?

Yes, we are selling padlocks that we can make keys for as well.

My keys are old, can you cut keys for it?

We generally can, some cases will be difficult in which we will try our best

I am after keyless locks for my house, do you have them?

Yes, we have them in our stock and can install them at your home.

Do you sell deadlocks?

We also have deadlocks of different brands in our stuck which we sell and install.

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