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Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scams

When someone is locked out of their cars or homes, they call a locksmith to remedy the situation. However, some locksmiths wait for these vulnerable moments when people need immediate assistance with opening locks.

When people search for a locksmith online, scammers fool people by posing as the reliable local locksmith. These people are neither legitimate locksmiths nor have a local office. They are just thieves waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of people’s weakness.

Thus, it is very important to be aware and take necessary precautions so that one does not fall prey to such nefarious intentions. Some ways by which to recognize a genuine Sydney locksmith are:

  • Verifying the locality: By researching for their local existence, it is possible to understand if a locksmith is truly local. This can be done by:
    • Calling them up and asking them relevant questions,
    • Reading all customer reviews etc.

In instances when there is no time to research and a locksmith is urgently required, the following need to be kept in mind:

  • Never call a locksmith who answers the phone with a general “locksmith services” instead of specifically mentioning their company name,
  • If the locksmith gives out a local shop address, the internet needs to be immediately checked to see if the address is correct and
  • Locksmiths who do not use a local calling number should be avoided at all cost.
  • Checking the ID and license: It is good practice to ask for identification and proof of license after the locksmith arrives. If he gives an out of state license, check the internet to see if that state gives out licenses to locksmiths. Additionally, a legitimate locksmith would also ask to see your identification to ensure that the home or car he is helping to unlock belongs to the person asking for his services.

Most locksmiths show up in vehicles bearing their company name for advertising their services. Beware of anyone who shows up in an unmarked vehicle or a vehicle advertising some other company.

  • Cost estimate: Before embarking on the job at hand, a Sydney locksmith should provide its cost estimation. If the locksmith refuses to provide the same before tackling the job, it is best to let him go.

Typically, call centre locksmiths quote lower prices as bait to lure the customer. When they arrive at the job location, they ask for hefty amounts saying that the job is much more complicated than stated on the phone.

Customers have to realise that even a locksmith has certain overheads to maintain. Thus, any locksmith quoting exceptionally low prices should ring alarm bells since no locksmith can survive in business with such low margins.

  • Additional changes: Certain fraudulent locksmiths ask for extra money by way of service calls minimum, emergency call charges, mileage etc. Some scammers might also ask the customer to change their locks immediately with the high-security locks they provide. Such suggestions should not be taken and such locksmiths need to be avoided.

A good and genuine locksmith would never damage a lock by drilling or put across fluctuating bids. He will also never give suggestions that seem to take advantage of the emergency at hand. Such locksmiths should be considered to open the locked car or house.