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Smart Lock Installation

Security is a major issue whether you’re at your home, workplace, or building. Therefore, it’s ideal to use the most secure locking mechanism for your property. Smart lock installation is a good alternative since these devices often open with the touch of your finger or needs a passcode, allowing you to regulate who has entry to your place.

Benefits Of Smart Lock Installation

Unlike conventional lock mechanisms, these locks protect against attackers using advanced encrypted security measures. Smart locks are a barrier against intruders, whether installed in a residence, workplace, or business establishment. They also offer a direct connection to your smartphone, alerting you whenever someone enters or leaves your property.

You also do not need to worry about misplacing your key or creating duplicates. We at All Time Locksmiths offer a stunning selection of smart locks from various industry-leading manufacturers that use the most advanced industry-leading technology to provide you with a comprehensive security solution. We suggest the ideal smart locks that suit your requirements.

They will notify you if they detect any hacking or harmful activities. You will receive immediate alerts on your mobile device. We handle installation of smart locks according to industry standards, providing you with a dependable security solution tailored to your needs.

Smart Lock Features

Some notable features of smart locks include:

  • LED-lit keypad for enhanced visibility
  • Multiple unlocking methods facilitate access
  • Access to approximately 500 fingerprints & 20 passwords
  • Emergency Power Supply Connector extends the battery’s life
  • Triple-barrel locking mechanism in high-end designs
  • Voice help with interactive prompts.
  • Superior functionality and mechanical strength

Residential Smart Lock Installation

Home automation with keyless entry makes living much easier. You may unlock and secure your doors for the kids, delivery services, and other dependable visitors. You may also provide relatives or friends access to your home without fear of losing your keys. When you do so, you will have total control over who enters your house.

Now, whenever you leave your house, you will no longer be plagued by these worries. Smart locks automatically lock upon closing, enhancing your property’s security.

Commercial Smart Lock Installation

Smart locks can offer a significant amount of security regarding securing your business. They are a clever technique to control access in any business structure, including warehouses, factories, residential complexes, and medical facilities. You will have greater control over all of your facilities as a business owner. You can protect your supplies, inventory, or anything of vital importance by granting selectively authorised access.

Reliable Smart Lock Installation

If you decide to have smart locks placed in your home or place of business, All Time Locksmiths is ready to help in this way:

  • We promptly handle all types of smart lock installations. Then, we will configure everything, install everything, and explain how to use it properly.
  • You can eliminate the effort and time it takes to fix holes or scrape the hitting plate. Instead, let us complete the task for accuracy, quality, and dependability.
  • We’ll tweak everything, so your smart lock and programs perform just as desired.
  • We will instruct you on how to maximise the functionality of your new smart lock and leave you feeling informed, empowered, and in charge.
  • In addition, you will get the chance to examine complementary devices, such as Wi-Fi, doorbells, and smart hubs. No matter what your needs are, we will set it up immediately.

For more information about smart lock installation, please call All Time Locksmiths at 1300 705 307. You can use this Contact Us form if you prefer to write to us. We customise our services and pay special attention to personalisation so that our clients get value for money.