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5 Simple Security Tips

It isn’t uncommon to hear reports of burglaries around the neighborhood or city. Statistics indicate that in excess of 90% of robbery cases take place in the absence of property owners. Here are 5 simple tips security tips for your home:

  1. Improve The Kick-In Resistance Of Your Front Door

Almost two-thirds of all robberies take place due to weak locks and the door’s poor resistance.  Thieves are able to easily take advantage of the situation and quickly break into your home. Replace the strike and mount an extra metal plate on the door’s jamb where the bolt slides into it. In fact, it’s best to replace shorter screws with large mounting screws as well. This would add some strength to the framework and deter burglars.

  1. Replace Older Locks With Digital Ones

It’s very important to replace weak or deteriorated locks, as these become the easiest way to access a property. There are a large number of digital or smart locks on the market today and you can consult with your locksmith to decide which one would work best for your setting. When you have a smart lock, it adds to the security of your property and saves you the trouble of carrying around a bunch of keys.

  1. Install A Modern Alarm System

Today, there is a wide range of home alarm system products available. They are an excellent way to scare off trespassers, intruders as well as burglars when you aren’t at home. These alarms are sounded if anyone attempts to break into your home. Not only will they alert the police but will also scare intruders away from your property because they know that law enforcement is on the way.

  1. Install CCTV TV Camera Systems

Installing surveillance camera is another way to improve the safety levels of your home. The very presence of these cameras at strategic points on your property acts as a deterrent for potential perpetrators. Aside from this, in case of a break in, you can provide the video clip to the police and it can prove to be helpful in catching the intruders. You can choose from simple CCTV surveillance cameras or advanced ones with motion detectors, smart technology or nighttime vision, based on your requirements and budget.

  1. Lights With Motion Detectors

Installing motion detector lights is a very simple way to make sure that you don’t have any trespassers on your property. These advanced devices can detect movement and switch on the lights. This alerts the homeowners who can then take the required actions. These light fixtures can be installed at specific locations on your property in order to cover a wide range in the outdoor spaces of your home.

  1. Integrate Light Timer Systems Into Your Property

If you are heading out on a long occasion and are concerned about the safety of your property in your absence, consider getting smart lighting systems installed. These app-controlled systems can be monitored from any remote location in the world as long as you have Wi-Fi connectivity. These timers keep your property looking occupied even when you aren’t at home and can be attached to appliances such as lights, televisions, radios etc.

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