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Different Types of Door Locks

The types of door locks you opt for will have a big impact on the overall security of your commercial or residential property. Today, the market is chock-a-block with a large number of door lock systems, both manual, digital and smart technology-controlled. So exactly how can you decide which locks would work well for your home or commercial establishment?  Here we take a look at the different types of door locks available, and where they can be installed to provide the best security:

  1. Multi or Single Point Mortice Screen Door Locks

Most basic screen doors available on the market have simple latch installations. While these are quite easy to operate, they offer very little in terms of protection against determined burglars and thieves. However, when you invest in a high-grade security screen door, it will be outfitted with an effective and strong mortice lock. These locks are threaded and are specifically designed to fit into a feature which is located inside the structure of the screen door. This makes them distinctly stronger than basic locks that are just fitted onto the screen door. Mortice locks typically have a keyhole and latch which means you are able to lock them from the outside as well as the inside.

  1. Dead Bolts

These blocks are a common feature on entry doors on commercial as well as residential properties. They differ from standard spring bolts in that the bolt system can only be unlocked or locked by using a key that turns the lock’s cylinder. A double cylinder deadbolt is one of the best locks to use for front doors and entry doors on your commercial property. If you have a metal or solid wood door, deadbolts are an excellent option for these features.

  1. Knob Locks

These lock fixtures are typically used as secondary locks on the entrance doors of residential properties. It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to use these as their primary lock System as they are more convenient to close and open. Unfortunately, these locks are extremely simple and very easy to break into.

  1. Padlocks

These locks are commonly used on doors and gates on commercial & residential properties. Often one of their weakest point is the gate or door they are attached to. If you buy a sturdy steel padlock that can’t easily be sawn through with hacksaws or cut with strong bolt cutters, ensure that you do not attach it to any part of your door or gate that is made of weaker metal as it will compromise the lock’s strength.

  1. Lever Handle Locks

These locks are often installed on doors in indoor areas of commercial properties. However, sometimes residential properties owners opt for these systems as well, especially in homes inhabited by disabled or aged individuals. When firm downward pressure is applied to the lever, it opens up the lock from the inside. This helps ensure that anyone exiting the property is able to do so without any kind of delay in case of an emergency situation. The downside to this type of lock is that it can be easily forced open from the outside by applying excessive pressure to its lever.

There are a number of other locks available such as privacy sets, proximity locks, smart locks, digital locks, knob sets and more. For more information about our master key installation services, call All Time Locksmiths at 1300 705 307. You can also contact us via the Contact Us form on this page. Clickhere for more info.