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Can A Locksmith Make Any Key?

Have you lost the last set of your keys to your car, home, or office drawer? If you find yourself in a difficult situation without the keys to access your property in Sydney, a locksmith can be of great help to you. The first question that may come to your mind is whether such a professional can make a key to help resolve your issue? Can a Sydney locksmith actually make any key?

The answer to this question can be found in this guide.

How to make a Duplicate Key?

There are many ways that a professional and licensed locksmith can make a new key. They can make a duplicate key for most systems without the need for the original keys. The most common methods are as follows:

1. Cutting the Key by Code

Many times manufacturers will stamp key codes on the key, the lock or print them on the lock’s manual. The keys to a lock are always unique in terms of the spacing of the cuts and depths. An experienced and certified locksmith can make your duplicate keys if they have access to these codes. This may also require them to contact the lock’s retailer or manufacturer.

2. Taking the Impression of the Lock

A Locksmith Sydney can also make a key by taking an impression of the lock. They will require the following equipment for the process:

  • A file
  • A key blank
  • A vice grip

The right key blank is inserted into the lock and turned to bind the pins in the lock cylinder. This will allow the expert to determine the sections that need filing down on the key blank. The key will need to be inserted and removed multiple times to get the required cuts.

3. Disassembling the Lock

It may not always be possible to be successful with the above-mentioned methods. In that case, your locksmith may consider disassembling the lock. More precisely, this will involve disassembling the lock cylinder and reverse-engineering the pins. This is a meticulous procedure that can be handled by only the most experienced and trained professionals.

What Types of Keys Can be Duplicated?

Now that you know the common methods used by locksmiths, it is also worth knowing the types of keys that are most commonly duplicated. So if you are in a difficult situation, you will already know whether your Locksmith in Sydney can fix the problem for you.

The keys that are commonly duplicated by licensed experts are as follows:

  • House Keys: The keys to your front door locks can almost always be duplicated by an expert.
  • Chubb Keys: These large keys take some time to make, but your locksmith can duplicate them most of the time.
  • Yale Keys: These standard and small keys can be made quickly.
  • Car Keys: It is possible to duplicate some car keys. Others will require making a brand new key.
  • Safe Keys: Almost all types of safe keys can be duplicated. They can take a little longer to make, which varies according to the type of key.
  • Padlock Keys: Padlock keys, including Yale keys, can be duplicated by a licensed professional almost every time.

It is best to call your Sydney locksmith over the phone to determine if they can help you. The right expert will require a brief description before making a confirmation.