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All About Master Key Systems And Who Can Benefit From Them

When it comes to the security of your property, it’s never a good idea to compromise on the quality of lock systems that you install. If you are a commercial property owner, this aspect becomes even more important because there are a larger number of people using different spaces of your property and entering various areas and rooms.

The solution that can significantly help increase control, while maintaining a good level of security on your commercial property is a master key system. In fact, these systems have proved to be so efficient, that many residential property owners are also opting for them today.

Regardless of whether you have a very simple need or need a more complex security strategy, master key systems can be customised to meet your specific requirements. These systems are not only convenient but also extremely reliable.

Master Key Systems- The Benefits

  • You only need a single key to access multiple points of entry. This reduces the amount of hassles that go into carrying around a bunch of keys. Your master key can unlock all the locks on your property.
  • A master key system provides different levels of keys, which gives you a very precise control on which people will have access to which departments, rooms, lockers, facilities, cabinets or different areas on your commercial property.
  • You also have the option to make some master keys that can be given to different people depending on their seniority, in order to ensure that every individual has access only to the spaces that are applicable or relevant to them.
  • If you need to give maintenance or housekeeping staff access to certain areas of your property, you can opt for maintenance keys. These are lower than the sub-master keys and are suitable for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and storerooms These prove to be very useful when it comes to after-hours work. Rather than giving your maintenance staff multiple keys to access the different areas, a master key that is specifically made for your cleaning or maintenance staff can prove to be very convenient for them.

Who Can Use Master Key Systems?

Commercial property owners, warehouse owners and landlords of apartment complexes as well as agents, schools, offices or even residential property owners can opt for master key systems. The other settings where these systems can be used include holiday rentals, lodges, hotels and similar establishments where a large number of employees constantly enter various rooms.

Aside from this, master keys can also be a very convenient way to access various areas of corporate offices for business owners, directors or managers. Having master key systems for security personnel on your property removes the inconvenience of switching between multiple keys in their crucial line of work. Based on what the specifications of their jobs are, you can have a master key that can either control segments or the entire building.

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